French Language

Why French ?

Widely Spoken

With over 30 French-speaking countries in the world, It is a language spoken by more than 270 million French-speakers across the globe — both native and non-native speakers. French is the second most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union, after German and English.

An inspiring career language and Job opportunity

If you are seriously considering the international job market, adding French to your English speaking abilities will boost your chances of landing a lucrative job. Most of the companies operating in the aeronautic, automotive, banking and finance, hotel management, international trade, journalism and media, education, luxury goods, and retailing sectors, demand French as a prerequisite for recruitment. Knowledge of French opens the doors of High-paying language jobs in a wide array of French companies. Proficiency in French can derive a lot of professional mileage.

Travel enhancing language

Another good reason to learn French is travelling. Imagine for some reason you are to take a tour of Africa or visit France or some other French-speaking country in Europe and beyond. Knowing how to speak French will make your travel enjoyable.

Access to rich culture, literature, music, and movies

French is most times described as the language of an enduring and unique culture. It is the language of international fashion, visual arts, theater, dance, architecture, and more. Learning French exposes you to a world of immensely rich literature available in original French, including their music and movies.

A bridge for other European languages

The French language is what you can rightly describe as “the bridge-building” language. The proficiency in French has a knock-on effect when starting to learn any other Romance language like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian. There are a lot of French words that are found in or similar to English and other romance languages.

Class Schedule

Course Name Duration
French Language
3 months / 100 hours
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